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call for baltimore and the ocean city area. we have more on what could happen with the different scenarios with sandy, coming up. >>> what a mess that's coming our way. winds, rain and high tide, coupled with a storm surge, producing flooding along the bay, befores that's one of the many concerns with the storm. jeff hager is standing by live in baltimore with more on the counties preparations. >> emergency managers in baltimore and harford counties are well underway and preparing for hurricane sandy, they want you to be prepared as well. the rush is already on, among boat owners to move vessels as we witness at the outer point yacht club, after past storms like irene isabelle and agnus, many learned the hard way to prepare for the worst. >> it could have high winds for two days, and potentially higher than normal tides. it's low down to where we were on the beach, the beach stuff, we took everything up the hill and on the trailer, stick it in the garage, and when it goes by we truck it back out. >> reporter: the county has people on stands by. along with swift water rescue crews
thankful this isn't -- the most serious is north of us in new jersey and new york city. >> that doesn't mean we were spared. sandy left her mark on downed trees. >> we have two people who have been killed, two from car accidents. one man died what he tree fell on top of him. nationally we have 39 people dying because of this storm so far. >> most of us are just dealing with the podges -- power outages and the cleanup but one family is grieving the death of a father. people have been coming by looking at the home. it's been devastating for the family. >> reporter: the pasadena man who died in the storm was standing in his kitchen when it happened. a large tree in his fronts yard snapped, crashing into the house killing 74-year-old donald ulman. we caught up with cannata's son. he said their last conversation will haunt him for some time. >> was standing in the doorway. he said what's the matter, son. said i'm a little nervous. the trees are swaying. what's your big concern. that a tree might fall on us pop. that's the last i seen of him. he was killed in the kitchen. >>
pleasant evening. >> he isn't the summer getting to note ends and out of our city. now he is ready to make his mark. first, thodges batts will have to get through the confirmation hearings. rosie? >> the city council chamber is packed with not only the city council but others. we get to hear from acting commissioner anthony batts. he has an interesting resume. he is also a lecturer at harford and has a ph.d in public administration. he said crime is more than stats and numbers that crime is about people. he wants to impact people and neighborhoods in this city. here's what he had to say. >> sharing my goal to build on positive community interaction. earning count trust will come with time and with hard work and our actions will speak louder than our words. without trust from the public we cannot and we will not succeed. >> one of the things that he also talked about, he says he wants to change a few things in the city, some of the internal structures. he said there's also a need to basically improve some of the physical aspect, vehicles, radio system. he wants to build a good working relat
but it was ruled he died of blunt force trauma a. >> baltimore city police shot a man in east baltimore. it happened in the 1500 block of eastlandville. police say officers responded to a call and when they arrived the suspect engaged them. >> one of the officers fired in defense and d. strike the suspect. the president ran up a block up the road. the activity was broadcast over the radio. others heard gun shots the first officer. the suspect was struck once in the leg. officers recovered a hand gun from the scene. they are rewaiting to hear his name. >> you want to smell the bakery, not smoke. but this is what took two and a half hours to put this out. with the four alarm fire back in june not even a block away. people who live here are concerned. >> every time i hear a fire truck or fire alarm it gets me so scared. i think are these people okay, is anyone hurt. is the building going to collapse. i mean just so many things. >> the cause of the fire still under investigation. right now fire officials don't suspect arson. >> would posted letter grades make a difference when you deci
at present moment 62 degrees in the city. 63% humidity. that northeasterly wind will ab key component. it should be around 69 this time of the year. take a look. 52 in the city. frederick at 48. you notice some blue off in the lefthandf your tv screen. that's where temperatures will struggle to get into the 30s. brisk and cool. going into tonight 4 around 11:00. we wake up top mostly cloudy sky and another day we struggle to get out of the 50s with the possibility of a spot shower. clear overhead toward the south. we've been watching spot ni showers near -- spotty showers near anne arundel county. this is our animation of the radar showing us the steadier showers have been north and west of the city. that will clues through the course of this evening but eventually we're going to see some moisture swing in. that's why we are anticipating those scattered showers to be with us through really most of the game. future trend showing us at 8:00 spot ni showers. there play be a lill and another recharge of showers after midnight. so i think we get the game in but spotty showers and a steadie
.com/mobile to download right now. >>> baltimore city police need your help. the first victim a 40-year-old woman was walking to her collar about 2:00 this morning on roland avenue. two men came up with a gun and forced her into the car. the car is described as a silver four-door stratus. the men took her to an atm, made her take out money and let her go. 10 minutes later, police say they struck again. >> this 19-year-old victim was riding his bike on roland avenue. they struck this victim with the car. the victim fell off the bicycle and then made sure he was okay. at that point they forced him into their vehicle. >> he was robbed and eventually dropped off as well. police have increased the number of officers but they are asking anyone who may have seen the car to call 911 rote away. >>> video out of miami beach. hurricane sandy is producing high winds and waves. by tomorrow expect waves up to 15 feet high. >> whatever happens in florida, we want to know will it affect us here. let's find out from meteorologist wyatt everhart with the latest on sandy's path. >>> she is a hurricane, now moving t
coverage. a man accused of secretly recording women in their ellicott city home. michael stephen mckenny was being held on $100,000 bond but a george judge has -- judge has ordered him to be held without bond. he is a serious risk to the public. mckenny is accuse of stealing a key to the women's apartment, going in and had a camera that he moved around to watch him. police were able to identify him after he recorded himself. >> and george huguely is now serving his time at a different prison. he is in a facility in western va. for now the website for the prison lists his estimated release date as may 2030. >>> a new survey of kids between 10 and7 one in every 23 they had thought about killing themselves before. researchers from the university of new hampshire interviewed the children and also the kids who reported being bullied, attacked or threatened by pearce in the last -- piers in the last 12 months were likely to have suicide hall thoughts. kids in the survey who reported sexual abuse were three to five times more likely. >>> travis brown, aka mr. mojo, travels around the count
fatality of this storm. we'll be seeing probably the highest waves coming up over ocean city that will happen about 8:30 tonight. there's a lot of tricky dynamics at play and all of them threatening the lives of our state. >> eight to 10 will make landfall and 8:25 the high tide. >> there's a full moon and all the other things as well. the storm is moving faster. so hopefully she will get heck out of maryland sooner than we anticipated. the earlier reports indicate she might sit on top of us and beat on us for an extbded p-p--- extended period of time. this will be a long night with a lot of snaps and breaking of big trees. people need to take precautions and stay indoors. >> a lot of big bridges, thoroughfares being closed. is the tydings bridge closed. >>> the tydings bridge -- i don't believe the tydings bridge has been closed. that's our last link to the shore. the hatem has been closed much the route 90 bridge over the bay at ocean city. that has been closed. and what else. the key bridge has been closed and the bay bridge has been closed. there are wind advisories on th
. i don't care if you go downtown or the county or anywhere this. really has pulled the city together. a lot has changed but the orioles will be the team. they're still the team. they're going to always be a team. baltimore will always have the orioles here. >> reporter: tim rutherford. >> great story. mr. johnson, this is for you. if you got any pictures, we got you covered with all things orioles. head to you can also shear your stan photo -- share your fan photos with us and check out the omazing pictures. >>> from double blizzards to hurricane irene to the most recent storms, massive power failures have left maryland crippled. now the governor is suggesting a rate increase. >> reporter: am july tens of thousands were in the dark, some for a full week after a duratio. because of that the governor assemble add task force to look in the way electric companies can service customers better. one recommendation is to charge you more a dollar or two in a surcharge to go toward power lines. >> strengthening it so it can within stand the increasingly frequent and viole
. baltimore city elections board said every year they purge hundreds provided by the state and requests by families. jones said they have to be careful about removing people from those rolls. >> if we're not notified from -- of a death, then the name stays. we used to get it in writing from the local court. now it's give tonight state and the state purges those names from the voter rolls. >> reporter: hey said they sent the -- he said they sent the results to the state but have not heard back about the findings. katie brown said they reviewed that information and have taken steps to verify that information and will act if they find any issues. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> a beautiful fall day. october the 1st. >> but little rain might be coming our way. look who's back. let's check in with chief meteorologist wyatt everhart. >> glad to be back from cincinnati. the purple was not popular out there last week. clouds rolling in, changing weather. we've got a night where we will begin to see the showers roll. i think we're good for the rest of the evening but a stray shower. thundersto
sweeping the city. >> a pep rally right here in charm city let out a clear they could hear -- cheer they could hear all the way to the bronx. >> mayor stephanie rawlings-blake led the rally. they continue to battle the yankees in the alds. >> what today is about is sending a message up 95 to let them know that we are behind them all the way. >> look at the mayor all decked out in her orange. they proudly showed their orange and black and proudly pose with the mascot. >> and for all the orioles news go to our website. you can browse our photo gallery and read about the game. >> not bad back here close to home. we have temperatures into the 60s. take a look at remembering -- glen burnie. a nice looking shot at 61 degrees. humidity is bone dry. we're 70 degrees warmer than yesterday evening. cool hair comes in by tonight and will be with us tomorrow. forecast 7:30. the temperatures will be dropping. there is a chance of a spot shower. it's going to be more on the cool side. take a look at the forecast. back close to home, 60 degrees. we're going down to 41 for your overnight low tment
some of new jersey. >> reporter: atlantic city is one of the hardest hit areas. you can see the debris that blue when hurricane sandy came through. along the jersey shower a new view, and not the one most residents and tourists ever expected to see. the coast lien changed by a monster storm. >> i actually grew up in the city. it just hurts a lot. >> reporter: this afternoon dozens of residents came out to see the damage for themselves, telling us and each other stories about how they road out hurricane sandy. >> i was sitting in my room. you didn't know if the window would shatter. >> it's something you can't believe. >> reporter: this man is a doctor. he stayed behind at a local hospital as sandy made landfall. >> they were evacuatin i'm originally from afghanistan. i can relate to this. we didn't evacuate. my son, he wants to see it. >> reporter: normally this is a booming tourist mecca. right now it's empty. there's plenty of damage and most places don't even have power. cleaning up will take a long time. >> no one has been allowed back into the city. >> reporter: president obama su
to yesterday. 56 in ellicott city. north of town where we had a decent amount of sunshine, 60 degrees. cloudy, 55 degrees. drizzle developed. 50s, falling into the low 50s and fog will greet you by tomorrow morning. the warmup for tomorrow. there's a storm that comes in wednesday night coming into thursday this brings in cooler air. we'll talk about that in the seven-day. >>> yankees fans trying to return home on amtrak had to endure more suffering as the power outage shut down northbound rail service. long lines, delays and cancellations lay waited them at baltimore -- awaited them at baltimore's penn station. after about six hours amtrak dusted off some diesel powered trains to restore partial service. >> we can't get home using amtrak, can't get home using the transportation that i've already paid for. >> by early afternoon amtrak had restored service to two of the three northbound lains. work continued above the third. >>> hang matters worse for commuters, 95 near tidings bridge was shut down for most of the day. it happened southbound. the lanes are back open. two of the three lanes are
continue educating the entire city of baltimore to encourage those who don't have them to take that step. a smoke alarm is as close as your fingertips. all you have to do is call 311. our firefighters will install a 10-year lithium smoke alarp. since that fire, august 2011, firefighters have installed about 5200 of those smoke detectors. you don't have to touch. it you don't have to replace batteries for 10 years and you can't take the batteries out. many take the battery out and forget to put it back. if you need or to get a presmoke detector, call the city's hotline at 311. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >>> fairly classic october weather today, temperatures reaching into the low 60s and upper 50s, not so bad. 55 in kent island. 56 in columbia. norrisville at 55 as you are in kingsville, a very temperate 58. to the north we have cold air, extending into southern can dparks sparking -- canada, sparking snow showers. that's an indication of the colder air that will make a brief shot. part of the colder air will get in and linger into the day on saturday. a frost concern. none of that ton
for the orioles. >> reporter: city leaders are also feeling the o's magic. >> we're excited. we're calling it purple and orange fridays. we're doing hour monthly block parties. we'll have a little mini rally and give away prizes, go out and watch the game on tv. we're excited. >> reporter: he is hoping for more high want to see it between the nationals and the o's. people will be happy and spending money. >> the first wild card game in the american league we've seen all battling in a winner take all. the mini rally goes on until 8:00 tonight. also, her at buffalo wild wings, still a few seats available. they will be filling up, all leading to the anticipation, jeff hague are, now back to -- hager, now back to you. >>> heave -- hey, 70s the rest of the night. across the central part of the state it's all clear. boy, what changes await us. the frontal boundary pushing in. we've got snow in northern minnesota. it gives you an idea of the type of air mass as we head into the day. it will be a game changer. how about texas weather. we got some clouds rolling into the dallas fort worth area for
from bus stops from baltimore county and city. police say it was a similar mo in both cases as they would strong arm the suspects into a car, rob them and sexual assault at least two of the victims. it's a terrifying string of crimes that date back to the 25th. they arrested two suspects late last night. >> baltimore city detectives were able to get a partial tag. detectives from both jurisdictions worked together. they were able to identify the own are and connect one -- owner and connect one of the suspects. >> police believe there could be victims from other cases. dectives want to hear from you right away. >>> a pasadena man said he was trying to rescue exotic pets but anne arundel animal control said shane taylor let things get way out of hand so they took dozens of animals out of his home. >> reporter: kelly, anne arundel county, animal control removed 40 exotic animals. they ranged from parrots to clicns to pigs. animal control said the animals were not kept properly and didn't have access to proper food and water but shane said the animals were well cared for and wou
in the morning drive. when it gets out of here. big changes coming up. >> thank you. today a city mourned as four small children and their grandmother were laid to rest. than and i her four grandchildren were remembered as loving people. today nearly a thousand folks packed the church to pay their respects and mourn as the city deals with the horrible tragedy. >> [inaudible] . >> i love you and i [inaudible] . >>> they were buried together. in the meantime authorities still trying to determine the cause of the fire. >> abc 2news investigators went to the top for answers on the orioles playoff tickets. fans have been e-mailing us about the team's policy not to refund a six dollar processing fee per order. the attorney general said you are out of luck. if you want that -- the fee refund because the team stated its policy before you clicked on check out. >>> a student's personal loss leads to great things for other families with cancer. rachel got the news that her dad had cancer, a rare form. he pass away just 13 months later. the loss was hard for her being so far from home at school. >
on board. our investigation looked at drivers who work in baltimore city. we found more than 200 red light and speed camera violations handed to district drivers. they racked up more than $10,000 in fines. both districts pay more than 300 contractors and they don't have to report camera violations. >> we had not found out about any of our contractors getting tickets because they're in the required to notify us contractually. >> they do hold a tight line on their employees. >> but you don't know for sure. >> not at this moment. >> tonight at 11, you can watch. we'll explain why discipline is an issue. in the meantime check out our full investigation online. you'll find it in the investigator section at in baltimore county, nearly half the speed cameras issued to school buss were handed out because of school zones. joce sterman, abc2 news. >>> we're going to introduce you to a girl who's always giving 110%. >> our bel air-da student athlete of the week. >> and some mist and fog around maryland now but we're watching what we believe will become super storm sandy getting set to b
himself as if he were an official of some sort. he was with the state or the city or the local energy company. >> reporter: but after a quick check of the attic, windows and doors, the so-called auditor turned on a hard sale and said they ned to bee a $4,000 solar plaimpg cet for the attic. >> i was mad that he misdieded us. >> reporter: debbie was just one victim of what the consumer fed raising of america calls an energy audit scam. >> scam ares sndz consumers postcards, make phone calls, offering free energy audits that will save them hundreds a month. >> reporter: grant says the auditors often apply they're with a government agency or utility company. >> their intpt is to sell them things like heat barriers, which actually do save them. >> reporter: and shoddy work could be the result. these pictures were taken inside a home where the owner fell for a free energy scam and paid the company to put in insulation. turns out the company was unlicensed and never returned to finish the job. >> we've seen cases where the work has not been completed fully or people were not benefiting. >>
is am police custody tonight charged with secretly videotaping two women in their ellicott city home. police arrested 42-year-old michael stephen mckenny of columbia. hoe is charged -- he is charged with videotaping without con isn't. he gained access to the women's condo by stealing and cop pig a key. more video footage show the two women were not the only victims. >> when or detectives reviewed all of the video footage, they found two additional unidentified women and they were in a different residence. we have been able to identify them. detectives are reaching out to them to let them know of the investigation. >> there are more victims. if anyone has information they should call police. >>> maryland's four historically black colleges and university went to court saying they're not getting funding like the predominantly white colleges. lawyers made their closing arguments inside. the protesters said it's not about getting more money but getting equal money. >> the same quality of instruction, the same quality of facilities, see the same scholarships and fellowships for students to
." >> charm city cake decorating takes it to a new level. how does it brew such great coffee? well, inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. it's heavy lifting. you start with a democratic senator named ben. by getting bwi-marshall funding for new runways, he's helping us serve 21 million passengers a year, which helps keep 100,000 jobs that depend on the airport, and that means more cargo for more businesses and more skycaps unloading more taxis... welcome to bwi. ...carrying families with more luggage. thanks. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approve this message. >>> we are committed to giving you the information you need. we are bringing you five-minute one on one interviews with the candidates. joining me is senator ben cardin. talk to the voters. >> first, thank you for makerring this time available. i'm proud to represent the people of maryland standing up for their values. i fought to preserve jobs. i'm proud on my record on the
with several other city officials will be out here to on north family -- honor the family for this 10-year anniversary. we'll have more at 11. reporting life, roosevelt leftwich. >> dawson family, will never forget them. >> we're thinking pink all month here on abc2 but today there's another color to add in that mix -- purple. ravens quarterback joe flacco and others stopped by the hospital. >> i want to give my two cents to whatever it is, to people. this whole month is huge for me. i just want to be involved in every shape possible. >> the ravens will continue to wear special pink cleats, gloves and other clothing. >>> it's not just the ravens but everybody's opportunity to get the word out about breast cancer awareness. baltimore county had a pink pep rally today to promote pink spirit and back cope men maryland. >> i just want to be out front and say we know there has been a lot of crossers and confusion this year. because of that, we are especially grateful for your consistent support. we really could not be involved in baltimore county and have the success that we do without the supp
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22